June, 2022
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World’s first intelligent edge solution combines big data generated by every endpoint with advanced analytics and AI to bring next level visibility into what individuals and teams are doing to drive extraordinary business outcomes

No longer limited by the traditional definition of “IT” ConnX Virtual Edge Vision™ emerges from stealth mode to bring unprecedented visibility to leaders, managers, and coaches across any division of any enterprise

Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Plainsboro, NJ – June 21, 2021 – ConnX, an innovative multiservice communication platform integrator and managed service provider, today unveiled a powerful and proven business intelligence and productivity solution developed in their labs, and tested at scale in a large, distributed enterprise environment which is now generally available to organizations struggling to fully support and manage increasingly blended remote and in-person teams.

“When a very large and longstanding customer of ours in life sciences came to us to help them transform their digital real time communications platform early on in the global pandemic two years ago, they inspired us to think differently about how real time communications and collaboration platforms for voice, video, messaging, document sharing might work in the future given a jump-shift in remote working,” said Indrajit “I.G.” Ghosh, founder and CEO of ConnX. “Especially in highly regulated industries, and industries which are highly dependent on predictable, secure, quality networks and applications, it is mission critical to support the distributed workforce, giving managers the business intelligence tools they need to ensure their teams are supported – in service of positive business outcomes.”

For some organizations, the pandemic took a serious toll on productivity, but for others, the need to adapt immediately to comply with important work-from-home mandates drove action and innovation, and in another digital transformation in the retail sector ConnX deployed, a major chain with thousands of outlets across North America grew 13% year over year, while reducing their networking and communications costs by nearly 50%.

“In both the life science and retail worlds, we worked very closely with our customers and our tech partner ecosystem to address complex, fast-moving challenges, which started with modernizing unified communications from devices and software in the cloud to every endpoint at the edge, whether an employee’s smartphone or laptop,” Ghosh explained. “The breakthrough happened when we began to see the enormous amount of valuable data being generated by registered endpoints and applications running on those endpoints in the new borderless enterprise world. What our customers wanted and needed was clear information and analytics showing what team members were doing throughout their workday, and how their activities were correlated with their performance and productivity.”

Described as a “living lab” during the pandemic, the resulting solution was refined and has now been commercialized and introduced as ConnX Virtual Edge Vision™ (CVE-V) at the Future of Work Expo this week in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

ConnX has been managing large enterprise networks in the financial services, retail, healthcare, life sciences, contact center, industrial and government sectors for nearly three decades, and their popular and fast-growing ConnX Virtual Edge (CVE) has been in place and serving Fortune 500 companies over the last few years as real time communications and collaboration shifted dramatically to the cloud.

“By instrumenting the same devices being used for every day internal and external communications with additional software, we have been able to go way beyond what we now believe are table stakes – things like intelligent routing for quality and resiliency and agents that improve visibility and control associated with the management of every session,” Ghosh said.

The CVE-V portal displays information based on data gathered at the very edge of the network, associated with every employee, every device, and every application. Using APIs, connectors, containers and more, the platform turns what has traditionally been an “IT” view into an “HR” view (who are our most productive team members and how can we help them help others become more successful).

For highly regulated companies, the CVE-V portal securely tracks and records every live session, whether between a contact center agent and a single customer, or internal teams who work with private, confidential, and highly sensitive corporate data. This helps ensure compliance with regulations including HIPAA, SOX, PCI and more, and can generate detailed reports and analytics on demand in the event of an audit.

For product-centered companies, the CVE-V platform, based on whatever policy business units develop, can generate easy to access and understand reports showing what customers are saying about specific products and services, so product managers have priceless business intelligence that can impact growth and competitiveness in the near and longer term.

For healthcare providers, the CVE-V platform can deliver insights into telemedicine sessions between patients and professionals, or between teams of doctors, nurses, and specialists at scale, given the level of AI/automation and the agility of on-demand reporting (for example, how many patients did a nurse practitioner see in a single day – how long did each session last – and how did his or her visits impact patient experiences and outcomes?)

The ConnX team will be demonstrating the CVEV solution in booth #141. Ghosh will be speaking about the genesis and future of the solution as part of the “SD-WAN in a SASE World,” panel, moderated by Don DeLoach, on Tuesday, from 4-4:55 PM.

Learn more about ConnX Virtual Edge Vision here.

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