With decades of experience and hundreds of customers across the world’s largest industries, we understand the importance of mastering industry specific challenges, dynamics and opportunities.

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Proven digital transformation for large and mid-size global enterprises

Connectivity optimization, predictable collaboration experiences with service and security assurance managed from the cloud


The way students learn, teachers teach, and administrators operate their campuses while also supporting distance learning programs is being supported by faster networks and breakthrough applications. Here’s how ConnX helps.


ConnX has been an integral part of the digital transformation of Financial Services enterprises. We help organizations deliver differentiated experiences and empower employees, while facilitating security, compliance, and interoperability.


Governments at all levels are undergoing digital transformation in order to deliver government services and programs more efficiently, transparently, and cost-effectively. Today, this transformation has become critical for meeting the expectations of modern citizens.


Digital transformation in the industrial sector makes many improvements possible, including reducing costs, driving productivity on-premise and for mobile and remote workers open the door to new business opportunities and revenue streams while responding to rapidly changing market innovations and conditions.


Health systems recognize that digital transformation is essential to improving health care and strengthening patient and provider relationships. The dramatic growth of telemedicine and telehealth are just two examples of opportunities to leverage real-time communications solutions to reduce cost and improve outcomes.

Professional Services

Whether law firms or consulting agencies, digital transformation and the adoption of cloud technologies is an imperative to stay competitive. Better networking, communications, collaboration platforms and productivity applications make an enormous difference in being able to manage projects with excellence, and service clients for years.


In the context of rising customer expectations, many retailers struggle to provide a consistent customer experience (CX). Retailers who leverage multichannel communications keep customers engaged, online or in-store. To adapt to the hybrid environment of shopping, ConnX is bringing solutions to leading retail companies on a large scale.


Utility companies face major challenges providing efficient and reliable electric power, water and gas services. In a changing marketplace with more options for consumers, utilities are transforming how they connect and communicate with cloud-based networks and services.