Connecting people, places and things, large industrial companies are benefitting from faster, smarter and more secure real time communications in an increasingly hyper-connected world.

Industry 4.0 is all about the transformation of manufacturing (and related industries) in a connected environment of big data, processes, services, systems and IoT-enabled industrial assets with the generation, leverage and utilization of actionable data and information as a way and means to realize gains in yield, safety and quality. People fuel the success of Industry 4.0 innovation and implementations, and ConnX is expert at integrating connectivity, communications, collaboration and security as an essential part of industrial digital transformation.
ConnX and our partners are bringing world class connectivity and communications to manufacturers and other participants in the massive global industrial supply chain, including voice, video, messaging, collaboration and embedded communications, including notifications and alerts that can be trigged by connected machines.
Collaboration tools that are accessible from anywhere at anytime allow all enterprises in the industrial world the ability to operate more efficiently, respond to emergencies more quickly, speed up production times, strengthen supply chain relationships, and contribute to factory floor automation.