ConnX Amazon On-Net Integration for Webex

Seamless interoperability with Webex, without leaving Amazon Connect.

Streamline your contact center operations by eliminating communication silos. ConnX On-Net seamlessly integrates Amazon Connect with Webex, providing a unified platform for directory access, calling, chat, presence, and transfer of caller information. This empowers agents to collaborate efficiently along with End-to-End, Client-to-Cloud observability and lower PSTN toll costs.


Many medium to large enterprises that use both Amazon Connect and Cisco Webex, are hesitant to add Amazon Connect due to interoperability concerns. ConnX provides a one-stop service that makes it easy for enterprises to integrate Amazon Connect with Webex cost-effectively while increasing operational efficiency. We specialize in simplifying the integration process, eliminating interoperability concerns. Our team possesses the expertise to seamlessly connect call sessions, ensuring smooth communication flow. Additionally, ConnX designs your infrastructure for scalability, allowing your system to adapt to future needs.



Listening to our clients and leveraging 30 years of intellectual capital, ConnX identified key obstacles enterprise clients face when adopting Amazon Connect:


  • Siloed, Fragmented Communication Systems: Disparate systems and applications create complexity, especially when integrating Amazon Connect with platforms like Webex.
  • Investments Bar Modernization: The potential benefits of Amazon Connect, like improved efficiency and business intelligence, can be overshadowed by the need for specialized resources to implement it.
  • Lack of Visibility: Siloed systems make it difficult to obtain a clear picture of system availability, quality, and capacity, hindering valuable data analysis.

Challenges Overcome

    • Effortless Integration: ConnX On-Net Integration removes the complexity and eliminates the need for specialized resources. We’ve already handled the architecture, scalability, and integration aspects – your enterprise simply consumes it as a service.
    • Seamless As-a-Service Experience: No need to choose between modernization and investments in Cisco Webex, since ConnX On-Net Interoperability solves that challenge.
    • End-to-End Visibility: ConnX Maestro, AI Assure, and AI Ops provide comprehensive Client-to-Cloud visibility alongside a range of conversational AI capabilities like call recording, transcription and translation, compliance monitoring, sentiment analysis, intent recognition, and detection of toxic speech.


    ConnX On-Net Integration unites your Amazon Connect contact center with Cisco Webex, allowing agents to seamlessly view, chat, and call Webex users directly from Connect without requiring additional PSTN lines. This improves agent productivity, enhances customer satisfaction, and eliminates call transfer issues.

    ConnX offers a full range of services, from initial assessment to post-implementation support. We provide end-to-end visibility and leverage conversational AI capabilities. With over 30 years of experience, ConnX simplifies connectivity, collaboration, security, and service assurance through AI-driven innovation, reducing risks and streamlining your cloud voice transformation journey.


    Exceptional Customer Experiences: Foster seamless communication and collaboration with your clients.

    Reduced Costs: Achieve a unified platform and lower PSTN charges.

    AI-Driven Innovation: Benefit from rapid deployment, automation, in-depth analytics, insights, and optimization powered by AI.

    The Impact


    Empower agents to effortlessly connect with your organization through Webex, extending beyond the contact center environment.

    End-to-End Visibility

    Gain comprehensive client-to-cloud visibility with ConnX Maestro, enhancing control and management of your communications.

    Global Reach and Integration

    Seamlessly integrate across 135 countries, providing a truly interconnected platform for your organization.

    Advanced Analytics

    Leverage data insights to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and propel business growth.

    Lowered Costs

    Improve operational efficiencies, reduce PSTN costs, and minimize customer churn caused by dropped calls and poor customer experiences.

    Rapid Deployment

    Experience a fast and efficient deployment with a pre-built integration, additional automations, and packaged support services.