ConnX Amazon On-Net Integration for Teams

Seamless interoperability with Microsoft Teams. Without leaving Amazon Connect.

Unblock Amazon Connect adoption by providing interoperability with Microsoft Teams, providing an integrated directory, calling, chat, presence, and transfer of caller information. Manages the enormous complexity of merging fragmented infrastructures, and provides End-to-End, Client-to-Cloud observability while lowering PSTN toll costs.


Our market-leading service is targeted at medium to enterprise clients that currently use both Amazon Connect and MS Teams or have MS Teams and are concerned about adding Amazon Connect without interoperability.

ConnX has handled all the specialized expertise needed to integrate call sessions, re-design and self-manage infrastructure.

ConnX provides one-stop service that makes it easy for enterprises to integrate Amazon Connect with third-party platforms cost-effectively while increasing operational efficiency.


  • Lack of real-time presence of MS Teams users.
  • Integration of siloed systems requires specialized resources and expertise.
  • Risk management and control over systems during and after migrations.
  • Seamless integration

Listening to our clients and leveraging 30 years of intellectual capital, ConnX identified key obstacles our enterprise clients face when adopting Amazon Connect:

  • Siloed, Fragmented Communication Systems: Our clients struggle with fragmented and siloed systems and applications. The complexity of adopting Amazon Connect while integrating third party platforms like MS Teams and providing scalable architecture is complex
  • Investments Bar Modernization: Despite the allure of enhanced efficiency and improved business intelligence offered by Amazon Connect, intensive specialized resource requirements obstruct adoption
  • Lack of Visibility: With siloed systems comes the struggle of having a clear picture of availability, quality, and capacity and a lack of analytics for business intelligence.

Challenges Overcome

  • ConnX On-Net Integration removes the complexity and high specialty resource demands that block adoption. We’ve already done the hard work in figuring out architecture, scalability, integration – your enterprise simply consumes it as a service
  • No need to choose between modernization and investments in MS Teams, since ConnX On-Net Interoperability solves that challenge
  • ConnX Maestro, AI Assure and AI Ops provides End-to-End, Client-to-Cloud visibility, as well as a full range of Conversational AI capabilities such as call recording, transcription and translation, compliance and sentiment, intent and toxic speech analysis.


ConnX On-Net Integration unites Amazon Connect contact center with MS Teams, allowing agents to view, chat, and call Teams users from Connect without additional PSTN lines. This improves agent productivity, client satisfaction, and eliminates call transfer issues. 

ConnX provides a full range of services from assessment to post-implementation support, including End-to-End visibility and Conversational AI capabilities. With over 30 years of experience, ConnX simplifies connectivity, collaboration, security, and service assurance through AI-driven innovation, reducing risk and complexity for cloud voice transformation.


✅ Drive exceptional client communication and collaboration experiences

✅ Reduce costs with a unified platform and lowered PSTN charges

✅ AI-Driven innovation for rapid deployment, automation, deep analytics, insights, and optimization

The Impact


Empower Amazon Connect agents to effortlessly engage your organization through Microsoft Teams beyond the contact center ecosystem.

End-to-End Visibility

Gain complete Client-to-Cloud visibility with ConnX Maestro, enhancing your control and management of communications.

Global Reach and Integration

ConnX offers global reach, seamlessly integrating 135 countries, providing your organization with a truly interconnected platform.

Advanced Analytics

Harness data insights to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and propel business growth.

Lowered Costs

Operational efficiencies hit your bottom line, reducing costs of extra PSTN lines, as well as the costs of losing customers due to dropped calls and bad CX.

Rapid Deployment

Deployment is rapid with a ready to deploy integration and additional automations, and packaged service support.