From connected campuses to supporting the rise in remote learning, ConnX is helping educational institutions save money while improving their ability to collaborate, communicate and create better experiences for students and teachers alike.

Unified Communication and modern cloud-based collaboration tools provide schools with high-quality voice, video and collaboration solutions over private, secure networks. This improves administrative efficiencies and service levels, while keeping communications costs affordable.

ConnX understands the challenges educational organizations are facing, and brings modern, flexible and affordable cloud solutions to the forefront.

The future of education, in person and online.

With solutions from ConnX, teachers and administrators can improve collaboration with colleagues, parents, and students from anywhere and at any time. The pandemic proved challenging and required tens of thousands of schools from K-12 to colleges and universities to provide distance learning almost overnight. This accelerated the digital transformation initiatives already underway and today more permanent investments are being made to support high-resolution, high quality, convenient and secure networks and cloud-based applications.

Safety on campus continues to be a major concern, but with a reliable, secure network and mobile applications, it has become easier to protect students, teachers and staff.

When a crisis of any kind occurs, lives can be saved with more efficient communications. Schools that can instantly connect staff to first responders in an emergency are safer. Administrators who can notify the right personnel of an emergency with a push of a button are more prepared. Parents of students who sign up for alerts, will be the first to learn of any incidents, along with students who can receive life-saving notifications when situations arise.