Stop The Spread Of Physical And Digital Attacks On Your Retail Business

Whether your customers are shopping online, in store, or ordering in line, picking up in store, delivering a secure experience builds trust and protects your bottom line.

ConnX has been working with AT&T as one of its top Alliance partners for over 20 years! Our AI Active Assurance enhanced managed services offering, guarantees great experiences every time, while dramatically reducing the risks posed by cyber attacks.

With the growth of online retail, and the integration of in-store and online shopping experiences, it has never been more important to have connectivity you and your customers can rely on – fast, reliable and secure – building trust, brand reputation, and better business outcomes.

With ConnX Connected Retail solutions, your IT team can upgrade your network, ensure applications are always running, and support every connected experience, from customer and company WiFi, with secure and fast POS transactions.

Cyber attacks on retailers continue to rise – we have the right, proven solutions, integrated into the cloud, network and all the way to the edge.

Contact us to connect with our retail networking, applications and cyber security experts, who will share the secrets of our success and help you identify opportunities to bolster your security posture, while preparing for retail experiences that are ever more connected.