AI Voice-in-a-Box

Powered by Amazon Chime SDK

Rapidly move your PBX to the cloud.
Without the risks.

Accelerate and de-risk cloud voice transformation and simplify PSTN and PBX migrations with AI/ML automation. Bring your own infrastructure/network/service provider. ConnX delivers incredible client experiences with our Integrate-to-Migrate methodology that merges over 30 years of intellectual capital with AI-driven innovation. Experience best-of-breed intent and sentiment analytics with the power of Amazon Chime SDK.

What is AI Voice-in-a-Box?

AI Voice-in-a-Box simplifies PSTN migrations through AI/ML automation, harnessing the combined expertise of ConnX and Amazon Chime SDK. Eliminate complexities from the migration process and integrate conversational AI, comprehensive analytics, and valuable business insights into your daily operations.

AI Voice-in-a-Box helps solve the three primary challenges our clients face with their existing PSTN calling service, whether it be SIP Trunking or traditional ISDN PRI.

  1. Cost: Despite declining desk phone usage Telco is the 2nd largest expense for our clients. They lack internal resources for the complex task of workload transition.
  2. Management: Clients find current solutions hard to manage. Multiple providers cut costs but spike complexity due to diverse siloed systems.
  3. Inflexibility: Clients create complex DIY solutions or hire multiple vendors for business needs. Market demands agility, but they lack the necessary resources and expertise.
We’re an Amazon Chime SDK Partner!

With deep integration into the Amazon Chime SDK, ConnX is at the bleeding edge of innovation, providing reliable and scalable solutions for real-time communications by integrating Chime SDK features.

“With ConnX’s pay-as-you-go pricing, we cut our telephony calling costs for our global delivery centers by 85%. By standardizing our telephony in the AWS cloud, we can deliver on our global responsibility program of reducing datacenter footprint.” 

Global Head of Networking

US-based Multinational Industrial Conglomerate

Why use ConnX Communications-in-a-Box?

Simplified Migration

Bid farewell to complexity and uncertainty. ConnX and AWS streamline the migration process, ensuring a seamless transition to the cloud, allowing you to embrace cloud communications with confidence.

Risk-Free Transformation

With three decades of intellectual capital, our Integrate-to-Migrate methodology mitigates risks on your cloud voice transformation journey.

Rapid Deployment with AI/ML Automation

Automated tasks reduce manual efforts, minimize errors, and accelerate deployment. How soon would you like to transition to the cloud?

Reliability with Powerful AIOps

Partnering with industry giant AWS ensures reliability, while our AIOps capabilities provide intelligent insights for maintaining a robust communications infrastructure.

Rich Analytics & Insights

Leverage the Amazon Chime SDK for valuable and actionable insights into your communication setup. ConnX offers comprehensive analytics to drive data-based decisions and optimize your ecosystem.

Conversational AI

Unlock the potential of intelligent voice-based solutions. Elevate client interactions, enhance collaboration, and drive productivity.

AI Voice-in-a-Box reshapes your communication landscape.

What’s in the Box?

AI Voice-in-a-Box has multiple components that help you succeed and deliver rich, engaging, and intuitive client experiences. Get proactive, end-to-end, client-to-cloud visibility and control, with lower costs.

SIP Trunking

Global PSTN and SIP Trunking as a Service (SIPTaaS) powers PBX integration and migration, for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Cisco Webex. AI Voice-in-a-Box powered by Amazon Chime SDK, is an inexpensive alternative to other SIP trunk service providers as well as ISDN and PRIs.

    • Low-cost inbound and outbound PSTN access for existing business telephony systems via Amazon SIP trunks (inbound / outbound only, or both)
    • Proven interoperability with many PBX, SBC, and Contact Center platforms
    • Rapid deployment and MACDs with self-service model to help you transform in minutes, not days/weeks.
Cloud Voice Transformation

Unleash the power of the cloud and a work from anywhere workforce with our global multiservice communications platform. AI Voice-in-a-Box provides a transition pathway to cloud-based services.


    • Managed global multiservice connectivity platform and services for voice, video, data and cloud services available in 110 countries
    • Flexible network access via Internet, SD-WAN, MPLS
    • Proactive 24 x 7 x 365 end-to-end client-to-cloud network, security and application monitoring, fault detection and remediation
Call Analytics

ConnX Maestro portal, analytics and orchestration leverages Amazon Chime SDK applications like CloudWatch to provide comprehensive system health, quality of service and diagnostic reporting and analysis.


    • Intelligent Routing, touch tone detection/actions, BYOC support, and interworking with: PSTN, 3rd party SIP elements, and AI/ML services​
    • Streaming audio for agent assist, sentiment/emotion detection, intent, automated compliance
    • Recording to meet regulatory and backup needs with flexible, cost-effective cloud storage options
Conversational AI

AI Voice-in-a-Box enables you to leverage conversational AI to effectively extract, analyze and contextualize key insights & sentiments from interactions. Generate business intelligence and take data-driven decisions to improve NPS and enhance user experiences.


  • Self-service virtual agents help reduce call transfers with Intelligent routing and offload repetitive queries to virtual agents.
  • Real-time call analytics and agent assist reduce call handling time and provide agents with actionable insights and easy search capabilities.
  • Post-call analytics help identify trends and business improvement opportunities, assess agent performance, and monitor compliance.

Are you ready to transform customer experiences?

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ConnX Wins 2023 INTERNET TELEPHONY NaaS Product of the Year Award

ConnX Wins 2023 INTERNET TELEPHONY NaaS Product of the Year Award

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