X Marks the Spot in a 5G Hyperconnected World

July, 2022
Author: ConnX Marketing

With faster speeds, the rapid growth of private 5G enterprise wireless alternatives, more sophisticated applications, more powerful devices, and the work from everywhere phenomenon showing no signs of slowing down – those leaders responsible for ensuring performance, protection, and productivity are struggling with the next wave of digital transformation and the hard reality of 2023 IT budgets.

In a world where Customer Experience is not only a competitive advantage but a business imperative, not investing is not an option.

The “X” in our name has many meanings.

X stands for experience – and not just Customer Experience, but Employee Experience, Partner Experience, and, across the Fortune 500 customers we serve, Patient Experience, Provider Experience, Workflow Experience, and more.

X stands for exchange – networking has forever been based on interconnection and the exchange of capacity, data, money, and more, and with the massive rise of CPaaS and APIs, managing partner ecosystems is growing in importance.

X also stands for excellence – not only in delivering predictable performance technically but also practically, meaning that every investment made in the improvement of infrastructure, the communications and computing environment, enterprise systems, and applications must demonstrably contribute to better business outcomes.

With faster network speeds intersecting with borderless working environments, the sheer amount of real-time sessions, from voice to video, from machine-to-machine to machine-to-human, from RTC to IoT is poised to skyrocket further and the only way to manage in this hyper-digital era is to apply the best Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) automation solutions.

AI Assurance: Next Level Now

A 2021 IDG study reported that 81% of CIOs feel “buried by the functional aspects of their jobs,” with CIOs juggling security management (44%) and improving IT operations/system performance (41%). More digital services put more strain on the entire “nervous system” for enterprises – from cloud and XaaS to private networks connecting those clouds and data centers, to connectivity all the way to the very edge of the network – every endpoint.

Even the real-time network performance monitoring, analytics, and assurance we’ve all been building as an industry and innovation community are no longer enough – to reach Excellence of Experience across the board, enterprises need immediate solutions to massive challenges (exacerbated by the global pandemic) but they also need longer-term, scalable solutions that leverage the billions of dollars service providers have invested in massive deployments of 5G.

For example, why plow more money into traditional, on-prem, fixed-line, analog networks when you can lose the wires, reduce complexity, manage expenses more fluidly, and give your teams, your partners, and most of all your customers outstanding, crystal-clear experiences in a mobile-first world?

5G introduces new capabilities and complexities. Enterprises, especially those enterprises which are distributed nationally or globally, need to think deeply and make the right decisions when it comes to the Herculean task of migrating away from or integrating with existing networks transitionally.

5G for enterprise is an art and a science and requires creative ways of thinking combined with extremely precise instrumentation – measurement – automation – controls – visibility – and observability from end-to-end – edge-to-edge – cloud to edge – edge to cloud.

For modern 5G digital services to work – valuable services that support people and systems including augmented, virtual, and mixed reality, the network and applications themselves must operate with “lights out” intelligence so fewer people are needed to operate and maintain communications, so fewer mistakes are made, and so less money is spent, including those surprise, runaway bills that happen when the environment is not predictable or stable.

The CIOs, CTOs, CPOs, CROs, and CEOs we work with are frustrated by the lack of visibility into their digitally transforming world, with a mixed bag of hardware, software, cloud service providers, cloud service brokers, connectivity providers, and more.

At ConnX we are extremely fortunate that we have built the kinds of open, collaborative, inventive relationships that help us help our customers succeed faster, and which inform our offering roadmap with innovations we’ve invested in to serve one customer – that immediately become valuable to all our customers.

Unify, Simplify, Amplify

Every enterprise is different, but what they share is a need to harmonize what they have in place today with what they envision as a “Great IT Experience” going forward.

We’re driven to build levels of service assurance, from basic to premium, and recently rolled out an extensive tiered offering that enables enterprises to quickly adapt and grow as their digital services expand.

AI Assurance for AI Ops teams is truly a breakthrough, and fuels our unique AI SD-WAN offering, which we’ve implemented to rave reviews from our Fortune 500 customers – for whom Xperience, Xchanges, and Xcellence matter as much as they matter to us.


Originally posted on LinkedIn

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