When It Comes to Regulated Industries, AI, Observability, and Control at the Edge is Mission Critical

May, 2023
Author: ConnX Marketing

Voice, video, messaging, and collaboration applications have always been difficult to manage, with quality assurance, from availability to high fidelity with no jitter – guaranteed.

Given the increasing dependence on digital interactions, internally and externally, with colleagues and customers, partners, and prospects, it has become increasingly difficult to make sure every application, over ever local and long-distance network, accessed by any device – from anywhere – works.

Every organization had to immediately step up their networking and real time communications game when the pandemic forced hundreds of millions of people to work from home, and while we are returning to more of a hybrid environment, there is no turning back now that it’s been proven that teams really can be productive whether they are in the office, in a contact center, in a hospital or government building – or from home, or on the road.

The team at ConnX was called into action and we rallied, like our enterprise customers had to in so than could serve their customers and protect their business.

We provided the very best and most secure and compliant services amid chaos, and while it wasn’t easy, it was exciting because – with our partners – we did it!

For example, we migrated one national retail chain’s entire network to our fully integrated platform in a matter of weeks, and there was no way we could have done that without using automation, AI, the latest in agents that can sense and predict potential problems long before they occur, and bundling this with our managed services which we are proud to say combine the best people with the best technologies so that our customers know they will never be let down or be at risk.

We made it possible for another client in the scientific industry to bolster their enterprise network, while remaining in compliance and avoiding expensive fines.

For the exciting and often complex enterprises we serve, getting all this right day-in and day-out, with 24/7 predictable, high-performance services required for productivity and continuous operations is what we live for. We love a challenge, and after over twenty years of serving enterprises in the most regulated industries, we know what it takes to manage risks by ensuring compliance and make regulatory audits easy.

Our differentation? Edge-to-edge observability and control.

In a world where the enterprise perimeter has been changing dramatically, organizations have never been more dependent on their voice, data, messaging, video, and application services working in high definition.

Especially in highly regulated industries, such as healthcare, finance, and e-commerce, real time communications sessions are themselves regulated, as sensitive information is being shared, and the availability of quality audio and video in mission critical situations can even mean the difference between life and death.

This is where observability at the edge comes in, which means that we, as the managed service provider, and the IT teams we work with so closely can understand exactly what is happening at the edge of the network – on every local WiFi or other network – and on every device that connects employees with customers or private enterprise databases and systems.

When enterprises in regulated industries are not looking after what is happening over their RTC networks, they are creating data governance challenges and exposing their organizations to what could be catastrophic consequences and even fines.

Today’s data flows are dynamic, including conversational data, and with a more distributed workforce, working from home or while traveling, complexity and risks grow, and data becomes more vulnerable to cyberattacks and more.

Do the math.

With more people working with more data, and data-rich, cloud-based applications, the risk of unexpected changes to that data can decrease data quality. Additionally, as different roles have different expertise and confidence around data, things can quickly start to go wrong.

With observability at the edge, we can detect and control even the most granular anomalies. With AI, ML, and automation, we can protect data quality especially when we can troubleshoot swiftly, shut down broader problems, and eliminate compliance issues associated with regulations like PHI, HIPAA, and Dodd-Frank.

To achieve the levels of end-to-end observability necessary for organizations in these regulated industries, we make sure the AI SD-WANS we manage are fast, high quality, and secure, but also automated and intelligent.

We have built a national and global communications platform, which include the collaboration apps of our customers’ choices, for example Microsoft Teams, which we make available, predictable, extremely high quality, and super secure when we pair that app with SIP Trunking as a Service.

Working with partners like Juniper, we have doubled down on the adoption of AI at the edge, which has been tremendously valuable for all industries, especially highly regulated industries like healthcare and BFSI, which have had the greatest challenges when it comes to allowing employees to work from home.

They are far more willing to offer flexible working models when they know – for sure – that every call, every video conference, every text message, and more can be heard and seen and can be fully protected.

Why? Because our observability capabilities make it clear.

For example, conversations between customers and employees can be automatically recorded, stored, and retrieved, when necessary, regardless of whether they are through email, voice, video, or instant messaging – all in a single, always-on and always-protected environment that works across even the most distributed physical footprints. This is the beauty of intelligent integration and full observability at the edge, in the cloud, and in the core.

Overall, regulatory compliance is growing more challenging by the day, and while no technology offers a cure-all solution to every potential challenge facing today’s compliance officers, AI-powered communications and collaboration is giving organizations the ability to improve their observability and efficiency while staying compliant.

I’d enjoy connecting with you to learn where your enterprise edge is going, and how we can help not only drive greater productivity, but truly protect what matters most.

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