We Make It Easy to Move Your POTs Lines to All Digital: Here’s How

June, 2022
Author: ConnX Marketing

The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) will be a thing of the past – very soon. So will the related Plain Old Telephone Services (POTS) lines. Given new rules and regulations, and increasingly accelerated announcements (read “Price hikes”) by network operator and services providers, the inevitability of an all-digital communications world is fast becoming a reality.

The cost for POTS lines has surged – for example, in California, prices have jumped over 500% in just a few years. It makes no sense to delay any longer.

Our fully managed digital, IP telephony services are now available in countries that account for 78% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). To say we saw this coming after decades of experience installing and managing voice and data networks, is an understatement.

Our services provided include local dial tone, local numbers, local number porting, domestic calling, local toll-free, local emergency services, and Lawful Intercept.

Furthermore, we offer Inbound DID services in 87 countries and Toll-free services in 105 countries that represent almost 90% of global GDP.

ConnX is committed to covering 85% to +90% of global GDP countries by end 2022, where available.

Telephone lines and other services that rely on the PSTN are being moved to fully digital (IP) networks. It’s not just voice services that will be affected. There will be an impact on some broadband services and lines used for things like alarm monitoring, access control and other systems.

The migration of analog to digital means easier operations, better customer experiences, improved business resilience, faster response time, and clearer audio quality.

Users benefit from greater bandwidth, less jitter and latency, faster provisioning of services, more intuitive features, and more secure connectivity for collaboration and productivity.

Customers benefit with more convenient features, including auto-attendant and call routing which automates and improves the experience, instant-gratification interactive voice response, easier access to multiple channels including messaging and voice mail, and more.

ConnX offers a wide range of data and voice services, from digital (VoIP) replacements for old PSTN voice services, to adjacent Internet and wide area connectivity services for data communications, including SD-WAN and AI-WAN services – all on our single, simplified, AI-driven orchestrated platform.

We can transform current fixed line endpoints to digital in minutes. We can transform entire locations and branches in days or weeks.

Our customers gain all the benefits of digital IP voice and machine-to-machine transformation, including greater visibility, control and cost savings, by ensuring desktop phones, fax machines, key systems, fire alarms, point-of-sale devices and more still work – only better!

Major carriers continue to sunset support for Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) and most plan to disconnect all landlines by 2025. There is no reason to wait to digitize your POTS connections! The benefits are tremendous, and the ROI is proven with huge cost savings compared with expensive fixed analog lines, many of which are often no longer in use but drive-up unnecessary monthly expenses. y.

Contact us and we’ll walk you through the steps – we have a proven process, and we are happy to help you quickly analyze your current situation and envision a future that is more agile, more digital, and a lot more cost efficient.

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