The Enterprise Everywhere Edge: How Organizations Will Benefit from Borderless Workforces in 2022

February, 2022
Author: ConnX Marketing

The data is in, and without question, businesses from small to medium and large, including globally distributed massive enterprises, areadopting work from home – and work from anywhere – policies, which has a profound effect on their IT infrastructure.

At ConnX, we’re taking on the evolving enterprise edge withgreat purpose by developing our modern Maestro platform, which simplifies, secures, and supports collaboration and communication in a “Work from Everywhere” environment.

By making it possible for people to access tools that they can use to reliably communicate with each other and with partners, applications that are fundamental to the digital transformation of how work gets done and how customers are served, and even the most sensitive and mission-critical datafrom a centralized corporate core – the services our platform supports are available everywhere in the world.

There are no more physical borders as we knew them ten or twenty years ago, with traditional LANs and WANs in high-performance organizations who understand the many benefits of letting go of their fragmented, expensive, and aging IT assets and dated systems. Those benefits include theability to:

1.      Attract the very best talent with flexibility and world-class productivity tools

2.      Dramatically reduce the costs associated with computing and communication

3.      Substantially improve the level of cybersecurity while addressing the growing risks associated with sophisticated attacks

4.      Ensure compliance with government organizations leveraging the latest industry standards and innovations

5.      Maintain an “always on” level of availability supporting customers and operations with no system downtime

6.      Excel in delivering fast, friendly, and satisfying Customer Experiences that drive deeper relationships and growing revenue

7.      Fully understand what is happening across thebusiness – around the world – with data that can be collected and analyzed, in real-time or over periods of time – and capitalize on insights that lead to continual improvement and spark new product and service innovations

By creating not just basic “work from home” models, theFortune 500 companies we have been serving for decades see this tectonic shift in workforce and knowledge management as strategic and fundamental to the way they advance and compete for years to come.

The ConnX team of engineers, developers, product management professionals, technicians, and agents has not only recreated a virtual versionof the highest quality business and enterprise communications and collaboration networking and computing but has built-in Artificial Intelligence and MachineLearning software across the Maestro platform, and into every service our platform supports.

This level of intelligence, automation, sensitivity, and visibility would not have been possible if applied to the fragmented, nearly impossible to integrate legacy phones, devices, networks, applications, and data sources that have been piling up for decades.

We knew from working with our customers – among them some ofthe largest banks, retailers, healthcare providers, hospitality brands, and others – that they knew what they needed – but they needed help getting there.

Inspired by them and driven by what has always been in our DNA, the ConnX team set out to tackle the challenges of complexity and cost by identifying every single requirement for communications, collaboration, and computing in our increasingly digital world, and working with as Virtual Workforce protects your remote workers, allowing safe interaction, with the same stringent standards you set for your main network.

With AI At The Edge, Manufacturers Can Manage Multiple Smart Factories Globally

With AI At The Edge, Manufacturers Can Manage Multiple Smart Factories Globally

By implementing smart edge technologies, combined with high-speed private networking and cloud-first enterprise applications, large manufacturing companies – even those who have factories located around the world – can now benefit from “remote control” and visibility into how machines and people are working in harmony to increase yield, improve safety, and manage supply chains more efficiently.

The Human and Machine Connections That Define Modern Manufacturing

The Human and Machine Connections That Define Modern Manufacturing

ConnX is a leading provider of digital transformation solutions that empower organizations to embrace Industry 4.0 and unlock new opportunities. Our innovative technologies, including IoT, cloud computing, AI, and deep machine learning, enable businesses to optimize their daily processes, enhance efficiency, and drive productivity. Discover the benefits of Industry 4.0 with ConnX and revolutionize the way you manufacture, improve, and distribute your products.

Real-Time Collaboration Solutions: How People and Machines Can Combine Forces With Easy Integrations

Real-Time Collaboration Solutions: How People and Machines Can Combine Forces With Easy Integrations

There are twists and turns everywhere AI and robots take us, but not everything is black and white. Even as critics proclaim the death of millions of jobs given how fast robotics and AI are advancing, like the latest flurry over ChatGPT and other generative AI programs, there is a hybrid truth emerging – and that is “co-botting.” Co-botting refers to manufacturing robots on factory floors that work alongside people to build things in a safer, more efficient, more profitable, and for many, a more enjoyable environment.