Smarter ConnX AI SD-WAN Have AI Built In: Why Traditional ConnX AI SD-WAN are Giving Way to AI-WANS

April, 2022
Author: ConnX Marketing
Applications moving to the cloud and increased user mobility are changing the way networking and network security services can be delivered. The future of network security is in the cloud, and with the rapid growth of edge computing and remote workforce enablement, legacy ConnX AI SD-WANs are no longer enough.

When it comes to the future of network security and the increasing convergence of wireless 5G and LTE networks with edge access networks, more efficient approaches are rapidly growing in popularity – and ConnX is out in front with our game-changing, unified Maestro multi-service platform – where security is integrated throughout the stack – and performance is made more predictable and manageable than ever.

ConnX has been partnering with Juniper Networks for many years, even before they acquired 128 Technology, a move we were thrilled to learn about as the combination of the two brings intelligence to the network and the edge and everything in between. Their technologies are embedded into our ConnX AI SD-WAN offering; what ConnX has done is to wrap their capabilities with our Maestro platform and experience, to make it even easier and more efficient to design, provision, secure, monitor, manage and scale what we believe is the best private network solution in the world.

Software Defined, Globally Available, Fully Supported.

ConnX customizes Smarter ConnX AI SD-WAN – what we like to call our AI-WAN deployments – to deliver the highest quality network performance for truly unified, cloud-based collaboration and communication enabling agile digitization.

ConnX AI SD-WAN is a service framework designed for integrating HQ, DC, Cloud, Branch and Remote Work locations, and Mobile-centric networks, designed around policy-based, secure access for Enterprises to quickly deploy and adapt to the benefit ConnX AI SD-WAN journey with end-to-end guidance from ConnX experts.

ConnX AI SD-WAN is a complete end-to-end Managed ConnX AI SD-WANservice offering that accelerates the adoption and deployment of ConnX AI SD-WAN solutions for enterprises.

Here are some of the components of our agile offering:

  • ConnX AI SD-WAN hardware on simple OpEX Model or CapEX
  • ConnX AI SD-WAN Software Features & Licenses
  • Deployment services (Remote & Onsite)
  • AI-ML based Maestro Portal as Single Pane of Glass for Orchestration & Performance monitoring
  • Day2 Support: ITIL Service desk & ticketing system


Great Options for Our Clients

The best news about how we deliver and manage super secure and predictable, resilient enterprise private networks is the flexibility in our design, that allows for ad-on services, which are extremely attractive especially for organizations requiring premium and bundled services, to meet compliance and performance standards.

A few include:

  • Telco Link Connectivity
  • Bundled solutions with our long-time partner AT&T as the carrier with Broadband, DIA, MPLS, LTE, VSAT agnostic to Transport
  • Cloud Security Service Chaining
  • Secure Web Gateway (SWG)
  • Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)
  • Firewall as a Service (FWaaS)
  • Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

One size approach does not fit all enterprise’s specific needs. ConnX has rolled out hundreds of Fortune 500 private networks, and in addition to the creation of those networks, provides 24/7 follow-the-sun managed services with the most experienced, dedicated and effective engineers and customer support team members in the industry.

We have been able to transform complex, expensive networks into modern, cloud-first and edge-ready networks, eliminating significant operational costs, and preparing our customers for their hyper-digital future – freeing up time using automation, AI-Ops and proven cybersecurity measures that make it possible for IT teams to concentrate on building digital solutions that make their businesses more competitive.

We invite you to learn more about how five case studies, to learn why more and more organizations are turning to ConnX for the best in class, and the smartest – most intelligent – and most powerful communications infrastructure available.

With AI At The Edge, Manufacturers Can Manage Multiple Smart Factories Globally

With AI At The Edge, Manufacturers Can Manage Multiple Smart Factories Globally

By implementing smart edge technologies, combined with high-speed private networking and cloud-first enterprise applications, large manufacturing companies – even those who have factories located around the world – can now benefit from “remote control” and visibility into how machines and people are working in harmony to increase yield, improve safety, and manage supply chains more efficiently.

The Human and Machine Connections That Define Modern Manufacturing

The Human and Machine Connections That Define Modern Manufacturing

ConnX is a leading provider of digital transformation solutions that empower organizations to embrace Industry 4.0 and unlock new opportunities. Our innovative technologies, including IoT, cloud computing, AI, and deep machine learning, enable businesses to optimize their daily processes, enhance efficiency, and drive productivity. Discover the benefits of Industry 4.0 with ConnX and revolutionize the way you manufacture, improve, and distribute your products.

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Real-Time Collaboration Solutions: How People and Machines Can Combine Forces With Easy Integrations

There are twists and turns everywhere AI and robots take us, but not everything is black and white. Even as critics proclaim the death of millions of jobs given how fast robotics and AI are advancing, like the latest flurry over ChatGPT and other generative AI programs, there is a hybrid truth emerging – and that is “co-botting.” Co-botting refers to manufacturing robots on factory floors that work alongside people to build things in a safer, more efficient, more profitable, and for many, a more enjoyable environment.

When Edge-to-Edge Quality Matters, End-to-End Network Observability is Mission Critical

When Edge-to-Edge Quality Matters, End-to-End Network Observability is Mission Critical

You cannot manage what you cannot measure. It’s a phrase that is especially true when it comes to enterprise networking. The ability to understand what is happening at the edge of the network, down to the device and application level, with great granularity and confidence, is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have. That’s especially true with the growing popularity of WFH workforce models.