Hyper-Connected Enterprise Networking is Hard: AIOps and Automation Make it Easy

August, 2022
Author: Jeff Li

The digital transformation has seen network stability become inextricably linked with business success as many enterprises’ ability to remain competitive has become largely dependent on the operability of the array of innovative technologies which expedite productivity, enhance customer experience, and provide security.

As networks progressively integrate an increasing number of devices and users the importance of effective monitoring and management has become imperative. Capable of generating millions of alarms a day, IT teams can become easily overwhelmed leading to connection issues and application unpredictability, drastically reducing the effectiveness of devices operating on the network and extrapolating that ineffectiveness onto workers reliant on those devices.

We at ConnX have developed our ConnX AI Assure to combat this, delivering ubiquitous monitoring capabilities that leverage AI-Ops-based predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities to identify issues in real-time and provide actionable analytics before network performance is impacted. Able to be integrated into any network, AI-driven SD-WAN removes the inherent constraints and limitations of traditional networking products and conventional SD-WAN solutions to provide considerably reduced bandwidth consumption compared to its predecessors, alongside a variety of core functions:

• Proactive AI/ML behavioral learning and automation assures detection and alerts to identify poor call quality causes and provides immediate notification of relevant network events
• Network and application layer instrumentation delivers a wealth of real-time performance data and presents the data in an immediately actionable way
• Media fault isolation quickly identifies the source of performance problems, subsequently providing instant visibility and analysis to demonstrate the true end-user experience
• Network Path and Event Correlation enables site-based session tracking and reporting to help identify systemic versus local failures. Insight into Complex Call Flows allows rapid identification of all legs of a call
• A unified dashboard combines all diagnostics capabilities, providing an easy-to-interpret presentation of all events and user experience metrics
• Reduces the need for expert resources to analyze events and identify the root cause, facilitating fault isolation and problem resolution

Applicable throughout any business, our solution provides several network integrations via a single monitoring solution, speeding up the adoption of ConnX MS Teams and ConnX AI SD-WAN deployments to save valuable time, resources, and money.

Further value comes from our solutions’ ability to understand and then report, these features track and show how specific packets of conversation are being handled while traversing the network and explain exactly how the network responds to individual conversations and notifies the quality of the call in real-time.

In addition, the visualization of historical trends allows for executive-level tracking, management, and decision-making to improve the user’s experience, anticipate operational issues, and improve capacity planning.

Contact me to learn more and to set up a live demo and conversation about how hyper-intelligence can make your ability to stay hyper-connected and competitive possible.

Transforming Field Service: Integrating and Optimizing Microsoft Teams and Dynamics

Transforming Field Service: Integrating and Optimizing Microsoft Teams and Dynamics

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MSFT Gold Partner ConnX Rolls Out Premium Integrate Dynamics 365 Solution

MSFT Gold Partner ConnX Rolls Out Premium Integrate Dynamics 365 Solution

The recent, and extremely rapid onset of digital transformation has forever greatly shifted the way work gets done seemingly overnight. Businesses now leverage numerous digital devices and applications, looking to increase efficiency, productivity, and of course revenue during their daily processes. However, though technology seeping into all industries may appear to be the biggest change brought about by digital transformation is the transition to a mainly remote/mobile workforce.