As the PSTN is Being Phased Out, the Cost for POTS Lines is Skyrocketing and Support is Going Away

April, 2022
Author: Louie Tugas

ConnX Introduces POTS Digitization Solutions.

ConnX can replace analog POTS lines supporting critical fire/elevator/door alarms, fax machines, and other single line phone devices with ConnX compliant POTS Digitization solutions.

PLAINSBORO, NJ; April 20, 2022 – ConnX, an innovative multiservice communication platform integrator and managed service provider, today announced a breakthrough solution for organizations and enterprises seeking to move away from failing and expensive fixed line analog network services to all-digital IP SIP-based solutions.  


Earlier this month, the company launched a global voice network transformation solution addressing the decommissioning of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), with a global intelligent, digital networking platform supporting the smooth transition to an all-VoIP world.


Carriers are requiring clients to move away from TDM and Analog Services. Tier one operators in North America and globally are requiring their customers to move away from TDM (T1, T3/45 etc.) access Internet Service and POTS lines. With decades of experience and relationships with every major network operator in the world, ConnX has been seamlessly moving customers to fiber access Internet Services.


ConnX POTS Digitization solutions support all end points, not just desktop phones, but other analog devices including key systems, fire and smoke alarms, public address systems, and various sensors which are currently connected over legacy analog lines. Instead of having to “rip and replace,” ConnX modernizes with minimal disruption, allowing enterprises to optimize investment in existing analog devices.


“ConnX POTS Digitization simplifies the process for our clients, including many Fortune 500 companies, so they no longer rely on outdated, failing infrastructure,” said Robert Sese, Senior Director, Global Strategy & Innovation. “Our ‘integrate to migrate’ methodology is a tested, straightforward glide path that allows existing systems to coexist while we digitize the copper phone wire, allowing it to work without interruption.”


In August 2019, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued order 19-72A1, mandating that all U.S. POTS lines get replaced with an alternative service by August 2, 2022. Section I.3 of this order states the following:


“Given the sweeping changes in the communications marketplace since the passage of the 1996 Act, including the increasing migration of consumers of all sorts and sizes away from TDM technology, copper loops, and local telephone service toward newer, any-distance voice services over next-generation wireline and wireless networks and the wide range of competitors offering facilities-based voice service alongside over-the-top Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, we find that the public interest is no longer served by maintaining these legacy regulatory obligations and their associated costs. Rather than a foothold for new entrants into the marketplace, they have become a vice, trapping incumbent LECs into preserving outdated technologies and services at the cost of a slower transition to next-generation networks and services that benefit American consumers and businesses.”


Learn more about ConnX POTS Digitization offer here.


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ConnX is a Digital Communications Transformation as a Service platform provider that integrates SDWAN, UC collaboration, mobility, security, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation to help enterprise customers transform from fragmented and siloed communications services to an integrated, AI-driven, multi-service collaboration platform. ConnX Maestro Orchestrator enables customers to rapidly realize the benefits of AI and digital transformation to mitigate the challenges associated with communications integration, provisioning, support, maintenance, and migration resulting in lower cost, higher productivity, and a predictable and consistent user experience. For more information, visit


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