Optimize Your Network, Connecting Digital and Physical Retail Applications

Are you being asked to drive better business results by ensuring always-on, secure networking connecting your physical stores, while also supporting e-Commerce and customer service? Are your internal clients pushing you to deliver consistently excellent retail Customer Experiences whether your customers are shopping online, in store, using social media, and more?

ConnX’s AI Assure = Retail Revenue Assurance

Deliver the most competitive experiences online and in your stores with a simplified and unified approach, all while saving money given the unified integration, automation and simplification our platform makes possible.

Customers do not want to wait. Perceived performance issues can frustrate customers, leading them to abandon the cart and go to a competitor site. In-store associates are core to the customer experience.

Identifying the root cause of application performance issues can be challenging, with different groups pointing fingers at other groups.

With ConnX Connected Retail, retailers get end-to-end, client-to-cloud full-stack observability, and can quickly identify and address the root cause of performance issues with a single portal view, allowing better customer service and driving increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Contact us if you’d like to set up a 15-minute conversation with one of our retail experts who will show you exactly how we have saved a major retailer millions by transforming their US national distributed network designed to support business applications in store and online, with no downtime, premium security built in, and a “single pane of glass” experience that is getting rave reviews from people like you.